Tigers News · Tigers Shut Down Summer Sessions As Precaution

Director of Athletics John Triveri confirmed late Saturday that the decision was taking effect immediately.

“This is strictly precautionary,” Triveri said via text. “It was a school decision and it’s for all sports.”

Shadyside’s coaches were informed of the decision Saturday morning and then began informing their athletes that the scheduled activities had been put on hold.

Triveri had no definitive timetable as to how long it would be until Shadyside’s teams could resume training.

 “We do anticipate summer activities to resume soon,” Triveri said.

Schools in Belmont County have been following the OHSAA’s suggested three-phase plan for the summer, which includes numerous health protocols, including the taking of temperatures, coaches wearing masks and limited number of athletes taking part in workouts along with sanitizing of equipment.

Workouts and conditioning actually resumed earlier this month after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine allowed non-contact sports such as baseball, softball, swimming, track and cross country, golf to begin competing last month.

Just last Thursday, DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced that contact sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and soccer could begin scrimmaging as part of “Phase 2” of the return to sports. But that was only for intersquad events, which had not been permitted during the May 26th opening.

In correspondence with the schools, OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass informed the membership that there was no set date as to when schools would be able to compete against other schools in basketball summer leagues, 7 on 7 football events, etc.

While “Phase 3” appears as the inevitable next step, there has been no suggestion or indication of what the date for launching “Phase 3” would be,” Snodgrass noted.