Tigers News · The Tigers Jakob Klug Is Nominated for OVAC Athlete of the Month – Time to Vote!

Hey everyone,

JAKOB KLUG has been nominated as the OVAC Athlete of the Month for the month of April and voting is underway!

We have just 6 days to vote.  Let’s get out and vote.  Please share on Facebook and Twitter as well!  The link to vote is below!

The voting has now started and will end on Wednesday, May the 29th at midnight.  The overall winner will be the athlete that receives the most fan votes on the website.  So please use email blasts, your social media, group texts, announcements over the PA system, etc. to encourage your respective nominee, students, family and fans to visit the following link to vote for your school’s nominee:

“OVAC Athlete of the Month” – April 2019 à Direct Link à http://www.belmontcollege.edu/ovac/votingperiod/april-2019/