Tigers News · Shadyside Relays Ready to Roll for the 48th Year

Shadyside, Ohio –  Preparations for the 2019 Shadyside Relays are in full swing since the first meeting in December. Committee members met recently to continue planning for the Shadyside Relays, to be held on Saturday, April 20 at Fleming Field in Shadyside. The field events will begin at 10:00. The preliminary and qualifying running events, sprinkled with a few finals, will begin at 10:30. The finals will kickoff at approximately 2:15. This year’s event will be the 48th annual event with the first one occurring in 1972. As usual, the Shadyside Relays, dubbed as “Ohio’s Finest,” continues as a community and school based event for student-athletes.

The birth of the Shadyside Relays started with sponsorship by Shadyside High School in 1972. Through the many years, the sponsorship and operation change

2019 Relays Committee
Seated L to R, Jenna Coyne, Nick Ferelli, Jayson Johnson, Bob Caldwell and Jerry Narcisi. Standing, Kameron Kubancik, Chase
Kinemond, David Bonar, Jeremy Sims, Brianne Johnson, Jeff Campbell, HomerUllom and Jim Keyser.

d to various groups. With full endorsement from the school, the community based Shadyside Relays’ Committee is administering the event, with the school acting as a critical supporting partner. “Shadyside Schools is proud and committed to being a partner with the Shadyside Relays, to sponsor a high quality track and field meet to benefit our student-athletes, as well as student-athletes from around the regional area, Ohio and West Virginia,” stated Athletic Director John Triveri and Superintendent John Haswell.


Jayson Johnson continues as Chairperson. Johnson also serves as the President of the community based Shadyside Relays Committee. “It is an honor and privilege to be a part of the Shadyside Relays, once as a student-athlete, now as part of an outstanding group of people and committee members and a very supportive community.”

                        Coach Jenna Coyne will again be serving as the Meet Director. Coyne stated, “The Shadyside Relays has become a spring staple for our school and community. “With the help from the community members and committee and the school, it is much more efficient for me to administer this athletic event. “It so much benefits our surrounding community and especially our student-athletes.”

The Shadyside Relays Committee has been meeting since December. Plans have been developed over the past several months and will be finalized soon with the objective to continue the tradition of being “Ohio’s Finest.” “We always put forth a quality track and field meet because of the great help we get from many people and the support from the businesses in our community,” Johnson said.

The 2019 Shadyside Relays Committee is composed of a large group of dedicated people: Chairperson and President Jayson Johnson; Assistant Chairperson Jerry Narcisi; Meet Director Jenna Coyne; Meet Manager Donna Joseph and Treasurer Cole Elliott. The subcommittee chairpersons are as follows: Fundraising – Bob Caldwell; Trophies and Awards – Coyne; Teams and Meet Management – Coyne, Joseph and Nick Ferrelli; Publicity – Narcisi, Officials – Homer Ullom, Officials’ Hats and Clothing – Coyne, Meet Operations – Jeremy Sims and Jayson Johnson, Luncheon – Coyne and Brianne Johnson, Program – Ferrelli; Social/Reception – Brianne Johnson and Coyne; Hospitality – Brianne Johnson and Johnny Beckett; Opening Ceremony – John Triveri; and Equipment – Jeff Campbell. Others involved with the committee planning are Heidi McConn, Larry Falbo, Dom Defelice, Jim Bittengle, David Bonar, Jim Keyser, Gay Lucci, Kameron Kubancik and Chase Kinemond.

As customary, a Social and Reception will be held the night before the Relays on Friday evening, the 19th of April at 7:00 at the Shadyside American Legion. This activity is held at no cost to the committee, special guests, track officials, school officials, coaches, and their respective guests. The general public is also invited at $10 per person and $15 per couple.